Induction automatic door use common sense

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Induction automatic door using common sense automatic door to our life brings a lot of convenience, its beautiful appearance design is popular with consumers. Induction automatic door application is more and more common, but about the induction automatic door use common sense people is not very understanding. The following and Shanghai automatic door small make up to understand some of the use of induction automatic door common sense.
1, when the door at a normal pace from the outside doors to automatic induction door, automatic induction door shall be semi automatically opened, automatic induction door action should flat and smooth and have not revealed the collision situation; automatic induction door open, the normal speed through the automatic induction door, automatic induction door should maintain open condition.
2, pay attention to the automatic induction door track and hanging wheel can not nonsense; otherwise on the hanger of the Hufu sliding phenomenon, easily so that the door collision problem.
3, in the background of a limited number of extraordinary, semi automatic reflex function can be as a security function to avoid touch on unity and clamping, but in high traffic public area, functional safety should special consideration.
4, should each accounted for an induction automatic door security features implemented the provisions of fine strict and clear, these security features of the target is to avoid induction automatic door in according to the design procedures action can not make the appropriate response to exceptional circumstances.
5, high-grade semi automatic Huyou throttling device, with semi automatic reverse function procedures: regardless of open or closed in the process, when the door body moving upward encounter a stumbling block to the thing or person, door experience understand semi automatic moving in the opposite direction. This is a very closed security tried to take care of function, avoid touching of a person or thing at the same time, try to take care of induction automatic door machine will not reproduced and burnt. Then, the door in the back of the semi automatic implementation of learning procedures, to have what signal interference, otherwise, the micro processor will be followed by the implementation of learning procedures. If a long time to restore the normal, it will reveal a fault or functional abnormalities.
6, towards the induction automatic door, the induction automatic door sensor induction width should be greater than the width of the door open.
7, carefully check the normal travel route through the induction automatic door, the demand for the usual route of travel as a duty of people are moving towards the induction automatic door, rather than a certain angle towards the automatic door.
8, when people leave induction automatic door sensor area, delay - seconds (time automatic door sensors using staggered technique can by automatic induction door switch parameter to set in), semi automatic goalkeeper semi automatic closing, automatic induction door action should flat and smooth and no exposed collision situation.
9, when the automatic induction door revealed abnormal fault, never Xpress disassembly should be and technical service as post combination of disposal.


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