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First, the basic principles
1, the purpose of service: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, thorough
2, the service goal: service quality to win customer satisfaction
3, the efficiency of service: warranty or warranty period, if the equipment failure, we after receiving the notice, maintenance personnel in 24 hours (special circumstances need to negotiate with customer) can reach the scene and began to repair.
4, the principle of service: product warranty period is 12 months, during the warranty period we will be free to repair and replace quality causes damaged parts, warranty parts damaged and accessories supplied only cost, damage caused by human factors such as equipment, maintenance or supply the accessories were at cost price.
Two. Maintenance services
1, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the government, to determine the warranty period of the central product. In a product, the different parts, components have different warranty period should be explained.
2, our after-sales service category:
(1) free services in the warranty period of maintenance services do not charge service fees.
(2) paid services in the warranty service, the appropriate service fee.
(3) the contract service in accordance with the special maintenance contracts signed by the customer service center.
(4) in the same product, different parts, parts have different warranty period, maintenance services, respectively, billing.
(5) our maintenance personnel after training qualified or obtain the post qualification certificate to mount guard, we encourage maintenance personnel through a variety of forms to improve their maintenance skills.
(6) when we received a letter from the Service Receptionist, we recorded the customer name, address, telephone number, product model, as far as possible to ask the question and the failure of the phenomenon. After the registration of the above content, sent to the service center for processing.
(7) after-sales service center received the repair list, preliminary evaluation of fault phenomena, fill out the maintenance task list, send appropriate maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance.
(8) onsite maintenance staff repair, wear work clothes or to produce relevant documents to enter the customer places and try to carry on maintenance tools, the maintenance task list and spare parts.
(9) maintenance personnel should be conscientious and careful service, not to the customer card, take, eat, to, to take care of the customer home or office environment, do not damage other items.
(10) where the customer places can't be repaired back to the repair of should be opened according to article submitted and customers, and in the centre of the import goods book registration. After the repair should be back according to customers, and please in the "single" sign maintenance tasks.
(11) the maintenance of service charges, shall be in advance to the customer statement and to produce the maintenance items and by the fee standard table, card. After the completion of the settlement of the settlement costs, the lower costs can be charged on the spot, the money will be paid to finance.
(12) after the end of each service, the maintenance staff to hand over the "maintenance task list", the competent assessment of its maintenance time and quality. A variety of maintenance should be completed within the time limit of the central commitment.
(13) all after-sales service operations, the urban area of six hours, seven hours on the outskirts of the school system, that is, to repair time to reach the service time shall not be more than six hours or seven hours.


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