Material selection of automatic revolving door

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Automatic revolving door material selection automatic revolving door is widely used in the automatic door, its fashionable and beautiful design is favored by the users. In daily life we often simple hotels, hotels, clubs and other places to use the revolving door. Shanghai automatic door small series learned that the price of the market is not a major revolving door because of the production of different materials. Here we come down to understand the automatic rotation of the material selection bar.
At present, there are three kinds of materials, composite materials and metal materials. Polymer materials mainly include plastic, rubber and synthetic fiber three types. The polymer material is rich in raw materials, low density, and corrosion resistance. Plastics and rubber are widely used in automatic revolving door engineering. Because there is a very good elasticity in the appropriate temperature range, rubber is used for sealing strips in automatic door engineering. The disadvantages of polymer materials are easy to aging, poor flame retardant. The composite material is made of two or more than two kinds of materials with different physical and mechanical properties, and the different materials are used as the reinforcing items and the basic items of the materials. The reinforcement increases the strength and stiffness of the matrix, while the matrix term plays a role in enhancing the quality of the matrix, thus obtaining the excellent properties of the single material.
Among all kinds of engineering materials, the use of metal materials is the most widely used. Iron and steel materials are widely used, in addition to their good mechanical properties, but also because the price is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, to meet the requirements of a variety of performance and use. Because of its excellent properties, the alloy steel is often used in the manufacture of important parts.
Users in the choice of the revolving door can according to their own needs to select the revolving door, above a few kinds of material is revolving door production often use several, Xiao Bian listening to the commentary, hope you have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the revolving door, help you better choose a revolving door.


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