How to maintain the induction door in order to ensure safety

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How to maintain the induction door in order to ensure safety in our daily life, the induction door at the same time for us to bring convenience, but also there are some security issues. When the event occurs, it is the first time to use inductive door. Shanghai automatic door series to understand, some induction door is because the perennial don't repair it cause accidents, and that feeling answered how to maintenance to ensure people's safety?
The safe use of the following relations with the sense of the door:
1, equipped with backup power supply: to ensure the power of the automatic door can also work normally, can be equipped with backup power supply.
2, the choice of sensors: in high-grade hotels, office buildings, you can choose a high sensitivity of the sensor; in the sidewalk edge of banks, shops and other places often pass by people, select a narrow area of the sensor.
3, security assistance device: in high-grade hotels and other places need to put an end to the induction of the folder, you can choose to install anti pinch infrared sensor.
If long-term lack of maintenance, resulting in automatic doors are hidden and small fault is not timely processing, will be small fault a fault may eventually lead to paralysis of the automatic door, there was no box automatic induction door after the construction request Party A in the use process as far as possible in the door post marked to prevent people don't pay attention to meet, injury to the human body.
Clean the inside of the case of oil, dust check automatic induction door parts wear, automatic door of check branch position deviation and screw tightness check belt tightness check the controller of motor output, opening and closing the door width, speed, braking and other inspection voltage parameters whether normal maintenance and replacement of damaged parts of the owners need to pay attention to the automatic door of regular maintenance and maintenance, automatic door due to the installation quality and the use of the environment using process will inevitably occur.
To ensure the safe use of the induction door, we must pay attention to use regular maintenance door sensors and safety equipment of it. The above a few hope that users in the use of induction door a lot of attention, to ensure the safety of the induction door.


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