The working principle of the translation type automatic door

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With the requirement of people to the automatic device, the development of automatic door industry is very rapid. There are many different kinds of products in the automatic door market, but their working principle is basically the same. Today Shanghai automatic door small series to translate automatic door as an example, to introduce the work principle of the translation type automatic door, so that we have a deeper understanding of the automatic.
There are many kinds of induction automatic door machine, and the basic working principle of automatic door machine is introduced in this paper.
First, the translation type automatic door unit is composed of the following components:
(1) the main controller: it is automatic door command center, through the internal have compiled the program instructions in a large scale integrated block, a corresponding command, command motor or electric lock system; at the same time, people through the main controller adjust its doors opening speed, open amplitude parameters.
(2) induction detector: responsible for the acquisition of external signals, as people's eyes, when there is a moving object into its scope of work, it gives the main controller a pulse signal;
(3) the power motor: open the door and provide the initiative, door control acceleration and deceleration operation.
(4) the door track: like the train tracks, go round the doors sling restraint system, make its in a particular direction.
(5) the doors sling go round system: used for hanging door activities, at the same time in the operation of power traction drive door leaf.
(6) synchronous belt (some manufacturers use triangle belt): for the transmission of the motor power, traction doors sling go round system.
(7) the lower guiding system: is the lower part of the door leaf is guiding and positioning device, to prevent the door leaf in runtime appear in front of the body to swing.
As the gate to complete an opened and closed, the working process is as follows:
Induction detector to detect there is someone that is coming, the pulse signal to the main controller, main control unit and determining the notification operation of the motor, motor speed monitor and control, to inform the motor in certain time afterburner and enter slow running. After running a certain current motor do run forward, the dynamic force is transmitted to a synchronous belt, again by the synchronous belt to transmit the power to the spreader system to open the door and window; leaf after opening by the controller to judge, such as the door needs to be closed, notify the motor reverse, close the door.


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